Share your app with one link

1LINK.IO creates a short link that'll redirect users to your app according to the device they use. You can add this link to your website, social media, email, and ad campaigns and track the performance seamlessly

One link to your app

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Convert more users

Take users directly to your app without losing them to the web view load

Measure Attribution Efficiently

Count the number of clicks, referral source, country and device type

Shorten App Links on Social Media

Overcome Social Media limits, use your unified smart link instead of multiple links (Play Store, App Store)


Create a compact URL that automatically covers all the devices (desktop/mobile) and use the extra space to talk about your app.


Add app links to CTA buttons and redirect users directly to your app.


Easily add your smart link to "Link Sticker" in stories and bios, run influencer marketing campaigns and measure the performance of each link created.

Email and Ad Campaigns

1LINK.IO allows you to create a custom link for each ad campaign (including influencer campaigns) to track and optimize the performance of each campaign.




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